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  • 02/01/14--00:32: Misery In The Darkness
  • With Misery's regular look it's easy to forget that she's supposed to be a goth character. Most of the time she looks more punk than anything else. I wanted to try emphasising her look in this image. Roxy was included to show that in the full scope of Misery's madness, even her friends are slaves to it. Sometimes she really just needs a scene that gives her that imposing nature that makes her stand out as she should.

    The background shadow creatures were just added in for fun. I like that the round cyclops ones look similar to drakes from Dragon Warrior. I knew the inspiration came from somewhere. Took me a bit to remember where that was.


    As many of you know, I love fan art! If you ever want to give any of my characters a go, please do! Just make sure you show them to me! This one is by :iconsmushedboy: and I thought as a form of appreciation I'd color it in for him using traditional FantaSize colors of Roxy and some basic air brush like shading. It's pretty basic but I figured I'd share it so all of you would see the cool pic he's come up with. It's actually based on a story of mine too. So if you'd like to read a booty related tale with Roxy, check out this story here. Otherwise the story this image is actually based on is this one, Roxy's Summer Vacation. I don't think the original vacation story contained any booty scenes so this drawing is a nice addition.

    Thanks again to Smushed Boy! Don't forget to show support for his art over at the original images posting. It's always sweet to see others renditions of my characters. ^_^


    Introducing my first full comic page style release on Giantess Katelyn's site! Roxy is really in trouble after Misery catches her with some already squished tinies. She isn't supposed to be doing that while Misery is away. Mis ends up dragging Roxy away and punishing her by forcing her to first eat her shrunken sister Tanya, and then play some horrible games with her shrunken boyfriend Steve! What's going on here? Since when does Roxy answer to Misery? All will be revealed in the surprise ending!

    Naturally, the comic is for mature readers only over 18 years. So please, don't click the link otherwise. You can purchase your own copy of the comic here:…

    I'm very honored to be added to a gallery with so many talented artists and that Giantess Katelyn felt the comic was up to the quality her store stands for. There is lots more to come with both Amber and Chelsea whom fans have come to know, and lots more surprises too! Thanks for all your support everyone!


    Decided to sketch up Metallia from The Witch and The Hundred Knight tonight. Looks like poor Hundred Knight has been shrunken down and Metallia is looking to abuse the daylights out of him in her swampy playland. Anyone where been playing the game?


  • 04/20/14--00:29: Akiko's Toe Ride
  • Just something I came up with tonight. Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday weekend! All the best, to all of you.


    What would it be?

    UPDATE! We met up with Misery's VA today and actually recorded a few of these. Unfortunately we didn't get to some of the further down ones, but hopefully we'll have those for another day. I'll be sure to link to it in a future journal update hopefully tomorrow or so. :D

  • 12/31/13--17:47: Happy New Year 2014!
  • Thanks to everyone that made 2013 the start of something awesome! I'm looking forward to making many more comics in 2014 as well as releasing FantaSize episode 2! Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you have an fantastic night! Party like it's 2013! Cause it still is... For a few hours anyway.


    Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you find somewhere sweet to take the one you love... Just hopefully not here. Odds are they may freak out like Misery is. Just maybe.

    This one features Cornelius about to either throw Misery into her mom Loretta's throat, or he's about to dive in together with Misery lol.


  • 02/14/14--22:46: Another Valentine's Day Over

  • Remember these two? Well you should at least remember the girl on the right anyway I'd hope. I don't think I've ever drawn Roxy and Steve happy together so I sketched this up in a hurry for my update on Top Web Comics this weekend. This weeks topic was How To Write Romance For Web Comics. It's a fun read if you're interested, available here:
    Otherwise you may have noticed I've been quiet lately. Sure FantaSize 2 takes a lot of work, but I think I've been a bit more quiet than usual. You don't suppose I've been busy with another side project that'll be released soon do you? Nah. Probably nothing, forge

    We took a break for awhile shortly after my second Dark Wick journal entries on Marty Basto's web comic. Since things haven't picked up again and I'm now doing the Top Web Comics blog for Marty, I figured I'd share these images here. Some are unreleased if I recall correctly. They're just basic sketches thrown together to liven up my weekly journal updates, but regardless I thought some of you fans may enjoy them.

    Top Left: Akiko has a tiny blonde guy trapped between her feet! We can see her glaring in the reflection on her TV beyond her feet.

    Top Right: A stranger right now, but something tells me sometime soon everyone will know the villager girl with icy blue eyes.

    Bottom Left: Not all of Amanda's inventions are brilliant things. Some are though... Those spider orbs are what she used to spy on Misery with their camera lens eye.

    Bottom Right: Amanda! With good old Subject Zero AKA Misery in her hand.



    Top Web Comics is running a contest and the top two prizes include free ad space on the site! Plus there's some other stuff like a detailed review of your comic, or an interview on the sites new blog section. You can check out all the details on the TWC Articles Promotion Contest!

    All you need to do is check out that link and get a special link to post on your site to be a part of the contest. The current site rankings are even shown at that link too! So be sure to tell everyone you know who has their own web comic! Join in yourself! You could be the one with 300,000 ad impressions on a massive comic listings site!

    Here's something I bet you weren't expecting! I'm very pleased to announce that my latest comic, FantaSize: Roxy's Punishment (18+ viewers only please), is joining the creations of other talented and respected artists on Giantess Katelyn's site. This comic is my first release after beginning the GTSAnime line of adventures that features full sized comic book pages instead of an image set format. Not only that, it stars Misery and Roxy, the two main characters of FantaSize episode one.

    It's a great honor for me to be included on the site and I look forward to hearing from all of our fans. I'm humbled that Giantess Katelyn likes my art and has

    This is a scene from my latest comic Roxy's Punishment which you can purchase a copy of here (18 years or older readers only please:…) The actual comic doesn't contain the meme text however, I just thought it was very fitting for this three panel set. ^_^

    Thanks to everyone who has supported the comic so far as well! I'm very happy that the release of my first comic featuring main FantaSize characters is going so well! Currently I'm drawing up the Giantess sequel to Amber's Growing Sickness (you can see samples in my gallery here:…)


    These scenes are from my latest comic Roxy's Punishment which you can purchase a copy of here (18 years or older readers only please:…)

    It's been two weeks already since the release! So what did everyone think? Fan feedback has been wonderful and it's really helped to shape what the future will look like for these comics. I'm very happy to see that everyone is enjoying the issue. It look longer than I'd expected, but it was worth the extra time. Originally this comic was going to be released on Valentines day but I scrapped the original idea because it just wasn't giantess / shrinking focused enough.

    This was a big comic for me, releasing my first story starring Misery and Roxy. All four of these comics I've made have been a lot of fun and it's awesome to see fans enjoying what I've created. Thanks to all of you for your support and be sure to stay tuned for Amber's Growing Sickness - Part 2!


  • 03/25/14--18:54: Katelyn's New Friend
  • This is another quick late night sketch that I made quite a few weeks ago now. Don't make any mistake about it, Katelyn is the one in control here despite Misery's giantess size. I wanted to make a drawing celebrating the two joining up after I got the good news that Giantess Katelyn was up for including my comics on her website. After all this time I figured I'd share it on here with you fans. I like how Katelyn is completely unphased by Misery's size and just plainly has her hands open towards her as a sign of friendship.

    I think they make good friends. ^_^


    FS2 is going well and here is a new teaser image.

    FantaSize 2 - Part One takes place before FantaSize episode 1. The scene below isn't the final version but that is where the new episode begins. As fans will note, both Roxy and Kitty are there with Misery. Standing next to Misery on the other side is her boyfriend at the time. We didn't see him at all in FS1, but we will learn more about him soon as well. So what all is going on here? That, you'll need to wait for the release of the animation for. We're still a couple months out yet, but hopefully it won't be too much longer until you'll finally be able to see FantaSize 2 - Part One.

    I don't want to spoil too much, but feel free to speculate about the image in your replies.

    You can still pre-order the entire animation now, which ensures you'll get all parts of FantaSize 2. It's like a video game season pass. The parts will be available as digital downloads to anyone who has pre-ordered the complete edition and would like them as they become available. Otherwise all of the animation will be included at the end in a completed pack and of course on the DVD version.


    Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday! Unfortunately we couldn't record all of your suggestions this time, but there are quite a few available to see now on YouTube! The video itself has very basic animation but I felt like doing up the lip sync today instead of just putting up a static image. Enjoy, and thanks to all of you who contributed!

    It's been quite a long time since I've drawn up anything with furry anthro Misery here, so I figured I'd put this one together for fun.

    For older images of her check out my furry gallery here:…


    Well here's something a little different tonight! Misery, Amanda, Roxy and Chad all in The Simpsons style. Even better, it's a Sunday! Know what awesome, long running cartoon series airs a new episode tonight on FOX? That's right, The Simpsons! I actually really love how they turned out in Matt Groening's style. Something different anyway.  For those who don't know, these characters are from my own giantess animation named FantaSize. 

    Let me know what you think and feel free to add this to your deviantART group!


    To go along with my recent drawing in the style of The Simpsons I decided to give the style of Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy, American Dad, and the most recent, The Cleveland Show a go. Surprisingly with this one, recreating the background of Misery's apartment in the style of the Griffin's living room was actually decently time consuming. Anywho, that wraps it up. Just wanted to do these for fun. What do you think?


    How about we switch it up this time. Instead of a giantess in the making, what about a shrunken person? What would you like to hear that happy cheerleader that we know is going to end up in Roxy's tummy say? Carol will be a bit more outspoken this time around, not trying to be quiet so her and "Jeddy" don't wake Misery like in FantaSize 1. After all, Carol is angry now! She saw Misery squish her shrunken boyfriend Jed in FS1.

    We're going to record some fan lines again like we did with Misery! If you missed the Misery vid it's up on YouTube now:

    We can't get to all your requests, but join in for th

  • 05/21/14--23:39: Akiko Finds A Shrunken Woman
  • One of the best things we did with the FantaSize 2 campaign was to allow fans to include their own original characters into the animation as one of our tiers. In a surprising meet up, Akiko discovers this tiny girl at the variety store. Needless to say, Akiko is incredibly fascinated by this encounter and instantly wants to show this girl what she thinks would be cool to experience at such a shrunken size. The girl, named Miya, explains she doesn't like Akiko's ideas and instead offers up the idea of Akiko eating her! Since this is a request from the shrunken woman, Akiko agrees to gobble her up.

    The size is probably quite a bit off here since this was originally just a design sketch for our assistant walk cycle animator to take a look at. Miya will be smaller in the animation. I thought this would be a fun drawing to show the two of them together and talk about the scene they will share.

    The character of Miya is owned by :iconragnarahk:


  • 01/08/14--01:03: Days Gone By - 2005
  • Remember 2005? Yeah neither do I really that was quite awhile ago now. That's when this picture takes place, sometime in the year before the events of FantaSize episode 1. What's going on in it? Who can say! Some sort of dare? Does Jedd really have the hots for Misery? Either way Carol doesn't seem too impressed. Looks like Akiko is quite happy though. What about Dan? Is that jealousy? You decide. Misery's even out for the day with her best friend at the time, Kitty!

    Here's a surprising note! Everyone on the right hand side was voiced by the same voice actress. So that's Jedd, Carol and Kitty! I didn't even intentionally draw it that way lol.


    Hey everyone! Great news! I'm now writing to as their official blogger! The fun part? You'll be seeing FantaSize characters showing up on the blog and other art from me along the way. It's been about two weeks now since I began and currently I just released my second Friday Art Talk article. This one deals with what artists listen to while drawing. The blog even includes a picture of Roxy from my giantess / shrinking animation FantaSize!

    So come on it at this direct link and be sure to check in to keep up to date on fun articles along the way. Below is our current schedule as well!

  • 01/13/14--00:58: Giantess Misery's Toys
  • I wanted to draw up something new tonight for fun and decided to do a giantess Misery pic with some of the FantaSize 2 cast. Of course too, I had to add in Akiko for comical relief. She certainly seems to be having a fun time. Meanwhile Amanda is floating nearby and watching the chaos with glee. She's got more than just her size change remote and the ability to defy gravity is just one of the things she can do. Carol is putting in some effort to save the football star quarterback, and that poor goth guy is trapped in Mis' grasp!


    Things have been a lot more quiet than usual around here for a good reason. My spare time has been taken up working on an actual comic book sized feature, not just an image set like my first three GTSAnime stories. We've met Amber, Chelsea, and even seen some giantess adventure with the former. The new comic will feature two well known characters instead as pictured here. There is a LOT of news to be shared about this comic but for the time being I can say that it will be a shrunken people story and will be a very much adults only adventure.
    What do you think? Looking forward to this first outing of Misery and Roxy in an actual full sized com

    It's no surprise as we get closer to the release date of FS2 - Part One that has yet to be set there are more details that are getting filled in. From what we have planned out so far, FS2 - Part One should be around six to seven minutes, focusing on the back stories of both Misery and Amanda. Of course understanding the history of these two will be very important to the plot and for the first time fans will get to see how that happy go lucky brunette became the brooding and grump goth girl we all know today.

    While Misery's back story won't contain any direct giantess action, there will still be content for fans. The focus will remain the sam

    This is a Birthday present for :icon11976dragon: and the drawing kinda got out of control lol. Originally it was just going to be Misery getting a foot massage from the tiny guy, but then I just started to get this beach theme on the go and next thing I knew I was drawing the building across the street. I thought it was cute with Roxy hanging out in the background and Amber keeping busy at a summer job. Mis even has a fast food cup of SMACK Cola! Fun stuff. ^_^

    Enjoy man! Thanks for all the feedback and I hope you like the drawing.


    I'm getting closer to wrapping up FantaSize 2 - Part One! As many of you know, a lot of prep work has been put into FS2 and most of what is going on now is finalizing scenes by doing good copies of them. This does mean that within the coming month or so you should start seeing your first glimpses of what the finished product will look like. I don't want to set a release date yet, but I don't expect it to be too much longer.

    It's been a long road, but I'm grateful for the time you fans have given me. We're almost there and I sure it will be more than worth the wait. Being able to focus on animating so much has given some new insights into ne

    Some more fan art, this time featuring Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina looks like she's fed up with Mario for some reason and about to show him how all those Koopas' feel getting stomped all the time. I needed something for the background so I decided on a rain of star bits to fill the scene. It's nothing much, and the angle is off for Rosalina standing on the planet I think, but it's just something for fun. With the nightgown look of Rosalina's dress, I decided to make her barefoot instead of including her high heels.


    Last one in my series of FantaSize in different styles. This time Misery and Roxy have a much more Marcellene look as they play around with various tiny people. Amber and Chelsea are even looking up over the hill side. I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

    "FantaSize Time,
    C'mon squish your friends,
    Under foot or, in your hands,
    With Misery the goth,
    and Roxy the punk girl,
    FantaSize Time!"


  • 05/31/14--17:17: FantaSize Anniversary 2014
  • Surprisingly it's been eight years since FantaSize 1 was released. We're getting closer every day to the return of the series, and the comics have kept new stories flowing. What's in store for Misery and her friends? It won't be long now until the first part of FS2 is released and the series will finally continue. Till then, stay tuned for even more FS content as we continue on into year eight.

    Who here remembers the original promotion of FS1? Back when the series was just an idea and no one was sure if the original animation would be released? I can't believe how far we've come with this series, Canadian Giantess, and everything else that's been produced over all these years. It won't be long now and the sequel to the comic Amber's Growing Sickness will be released!


    What could be more fun than adding your own characters into a game like Tomodachi Life? Feeling like an expanded Animal Crossing game that instead focuses on overseeing all of your characters that you create, instead of just playing as one in a village, Tomodachi Life is a different and fun experience. Amanda here is one of the first characters I created from my FantaSize series. It's just about having fun on the island and seeing how characters relationships will develop. I added the back story myself, it's not an option in the game, but that's all part of the fun.

    So what's going to happen now that Akiko has moved to the island Amanda has taken a break on?


    I've caught up on all my commissions and I'm looking for MORE! When I'm not animating FantaSize 2, I like to draw as much as possible to keep my skills up. I'm opening commissions for the Summer so discuss what you would like to see! FantaSize characters, original characters, non-Giantess requests even! You name it!

    Payments via PayPal accepted in USD.

    Send me a note here on deviantART and lets get talking about what you'd like me to draw for you today!

    $20 price range depends on the complexity of the commission. I'm pretty easy going, but detailed pics may require slightly more funds. Payment required before drawing begins.

    For more details, visit my journal listing here:…


    Ever wanted a commission by the creator of FantaSize? Now you can order one for this Summer! Voice your interest below and we'll get talking via notes here on deviantART! Giantess content, original characters, you name it! Lets get discussing what you'd like to see!

    SLOT 1 - :iconMadJackX: Currently In Progress!
    SLOT 2 - :iconkronosrecker: Next In Line!
    SLOT 3 - Pending request.
    SLOT 4 - Pending request.

    Drawing base price is $20 USD per image which includes:

      -   At least one to two characters.
      -   Full digital color.
      -   Any prep art made in the creation process.
      -   A digital version of your commission.
      -   NEW - Pr

    Here's something you don't see every day! Gentle artwork from me! A dragon girl helps rebuild a castle's tower as a Wizard hovers above, helping to guide her efforts. I wasn't too sure what direction to go with this one at first, but eventually I thought the repairing concept really showed how caring and gentle she was, despite her Giantess size. I miss drawing forests like this too. I gotta get back to my classic furry comic and get some scenes like that on the go again.

    If you'd like to commission me, you can check out details on my journal here:…


  • 06/13/14--00:53: Under Giantess Mother's Foot
  • Just another late night sketch. I was drawing away on my latest commission and decided to give it a break and just rough out a sketch to wrap up the evening. This is what I ended up with. I thought it would be cute that even in this situation, Carol is screaming at the sight of Roxy even at regular size. Akiko seems to be having fun as usual as well. Chad, the only guy of the group, just seems kind of stunned. He's probably confused about being regular size himself for a change.

    Loretta in the meantime has somehow grown to giantess size and very much looks focused on planting that big bare foot of hers on top of her daughter Misery.


    This is a commission for :iconmadjackx:

    Amanda is showing Misery and Roxy just how awesome it is to torment the tiny people of the city at their new giantess size! This is of course all hypothetical, just made for the commission. Though I'm sure Amanda enjoys her research this much. Roxy has kind of a cool look on the go here too with almost a pixie cut hairdo. Keep in mind too, commissions requested don't have to feature the girls in their swimsuits. This was all just part of the request which turned out really cool! ^_^

    Enjoy and feel free to send me a note if you'd like a commission of your own! For more information, check out my deviantART journal entry here:…


    Here's another new commission, this time for :iconkronosrecker:

    I wanted to make Amanda's foot seem nice and soft for this one. I figure out of the bunch of them, she should have pretty plush feet. The story was part of the commission as well. Originally it was going to be in text box comic format like layouts, but I decided to go for the paragraphs under the image so I wouldn't cover any of it up.

    It was kind of tricky at first trying to figure out how to incorporate her lab coat, but it seemed to work out well. This is probably quite how Amanda would be in the lab, taking off her shoes and socks to try out stepping on a few people she'd shrunk to record the results. After all, she does research professionally too. It's not all about having fun with the tinies she's shrunk down.

    I'd considered making her look a bit angrier, but figured that was more of a Misery kind of thing. Amanda would probably be a lot more calm and collected. After all, she's shrunken herself down before to watch as other girls step on shrunken people they've found. She does find all of this to be very interesting. It isn't something that naturally occurs, she it's interesting to her to see details like how much weight can be involved in stepping on a tiny person.

    For more tinies at Amanda's feet, check out this one as well: Amanda's Experiment Begins by DarkainArts


    A drawing for :icontiny-zane: of his character Amy!

    I figured a nice summer pic would be good. Amy has come across one of her classmates making his way home from the local swimming pool, and apparently he's ended up shrunk. Unfortunately for him, it seems Amy has decided it would be fun to squash him underfoot! What a way to end a relaxing summers afternoon.


    This is a commission for :iconstar-sage: that turned out quite awesome! I don't think I've created such a detailed hamburger. :D

    The story was just a fun addition on my part to set the scene. We discussed which character to use and since Loretta will be known for her hotdog with shrunken people vore in FantaSize 2's upcoming scenes, we decided she would be fun for this commission. As we've learned, Loretta probably wouldn't care even if she knew he was in there (which she doesn't) since she sees the tiny people as impossible things that just couldn't exist.

    If you're interested in commissioning your own drawing, stay tuned! I currently have a full list, but I'll get caught up eventually. Keep up to date on my deviant art journal.


    It's been a busy year but my comics are definitely something that will be getting more of a focus in the coming months. You've all been incredibly supportive with the release of my initial comic starring Melody, the Halloween themed introduction of Amber and Chelsea, and of course the growth process related Amber's Growing Sickness. Not to mention the first FantaSize comic Roxy's Punishment!

    In the coming months there is more to come! As many of you know, Amber's Growing Sickness 2 has been started. However in the meantime there will be other releases which include more FantaSize stories such as the girls spending a day on the beach together

    Here are some rough drawings I've been putting together while learning to draw :iconbrainwashedonline:'s OCs. Maryluz is the bigger of the two that has poor tiny Valentina trapped between her feet. I realize the perspective is basic, I just wanted to share what I'd been working on while setting up some stuff for his commission. Hope some of you enjoy it at least. ^_^


    This commission is for :iconbrainwashedonline: featuring two of his OC's Maryluz and Valentina. The poor tiny girl strapped to Maryluz foot by shoelace is Valentina. I'm not sure what these two have been up to. Maybe Maryluz has been keeping Valentina in her shoes while walking and decided the shrunken girl needed a different experience. The cut away scene was an addition but I thought it would be fun to show Valentina's expression too. Considering how cruel Maryluz can be, Valentina has it pretty easy so far.


    Though I still need to get Carol's lines recorded (she actually lives quite a distance away) how about Akiko?

    First things first! There has been a casting change. I assure everyone that it's for the best when I say that Tenshi will not be playing Akiko in FantaSize 2. We discussed it at length and Tenshi decided she would let someone else take over the role. A brief test animation was even produced and unfortunately the character just didn't gel well with her voice. So another voice actress is taking over whom many of you know well and has brought surprising life to the role. Sarah of Canadian Giantess will take over voice acting the role of

    A commission for :iconzacharymckim: and my first really showing off just how much Roxy's feet smell. I also did my best to convey just how sweaty Roxy was in general on a hot summer's day as a Giantess. She has her shoes off with her sister and boyfriend massaging them for her. I like how the sweat beads turned out on Roxy's skin. What do you think? Do the green wiffs convey the rising smell well?


  • 08/31/14--22:32: In The Grasp Of Misery
  • As her reputation grew, no one knew how to feel about being held in Misery's hands. What horrible ideas could cross her mind? Or would the tiny person be safe and sound?

    Just another late night one for fun. :D


    Not that it hasn't been obvious over the past few months with teaser images like the one below, but FantaSize 2's intro is an emotional story. Telling the tale of Misery and Amanda's separate origins "FS2 - Part One" will have a strong focus on the emotional turmoil that forged these two characters.

    The real star of FantaSize isn't Misery, it's her voice actress. Without her the character wouldn't be nearly who she is today. In this intro, she delivers a deeply emotional narrative that at times is chilling. Not only will this fill in gaps, but the intro is also going to be the first time fans will see Loretta animated.


    As many of us know, Akiko is pretty confused about being a giantess herself. Which is why it's good that she's usually regular sized. Akiko LOVES the idea of being tiny and getting stepped on. She just thinks it's the most fun thing in the world. Unfortunately her Mom doesn't seem to share that idea. Do you think Akiko would actually step on her poor Mom if she was very much against the idea? After all, Akiko does think it would be an awesome thing to experience. Maybe she'll show her Mother just how wrong she is.


    FantaSize - Summer Fun is still in the works with a full 16 pages of comic book action! Featuring many of your favorite FantaSize characters, you'll see Amanda, Akiko, Misery, Roxy, Chelsea, Amber, and more! All having fun at the beach! Hopefully it won't be too much longer but of course FantaSize 2 - Part One has been getting a lot of love as well.

    The above is just a rough from the planning of the comic. So stay tuned and just imagine all the fun they're going to have at the beach together!

    I know from the poll many are looking forward to this one. Is that you? Let me know what characters you're looking forward to seeing some swimsuit act